Celeste Goyer is a self-taught artist from Northampton, MA. She's lived in California since the 70's, mostly in the Mojave and Great Basin deserts. Her studio process is loose and exploratory, finding paths through painting, sculpture, assemblage and collage. Often there's an additional stage to creating the image where the original painting or sculpture moves on to function almost as a character in further images, captured by photography.  The Studio Captures page includes these images, as well as photos of ephemeral paintings that don't survive the process itself.

Celeste collaborates with the artists of the Wild Orchid Collective in Venice, CA, an interdisciplinary literary and visual arts collective with shifting personnel. Her series 'Many Small Narratives in One Large Story' and "Crone Hair/Cloud" with the poet/photographer Holaday Mason can be seen on the Collaborations page.